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Shoe Bling


Today on FM in the AM

Shoe Bling


Heather Spohr ( shows Susie how easy it is to create shoe bling in just a minute.

You will need: felt fabric, scissors, hole punch.


We are going to make these adorable little shoe blings.


You want to get a piece of felt. It could be stiff or regular, I like the stiff because it holds it’s shape a little better. I have a dinosaur stencil on mine I got you a star.

Yeah. Okay.

Once you cut it out, you’re going to want to punch holes in it just with a regular hole punch. And that is for the laces. And you’re gonna lace it on.

Does it matter where you put it?

No, it doesn’t matter. You can do it all the way here at the top. You can lace it and put it down lower here. You can really go all hog wild and you can put a face or little freckles, whatever you want to do to really personalize it. And that’s it!

My son will want to steal these so I’m loving this idea. Thank you so much for showing us how to upcycle your kid’s sneaker. Thank you for watching. Check back with us for more fashion and family tips happening right here on

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